Frequently Asked Questions​

We can tell you everything about Our Process

Pre-Installation Checklist

Everything you need to know before we start the install.

Now that we've worked together to select your flooring, what should you do before our installers arrive?


Remove all of your breakables and “knick-knacks” from the room. Empty all of your bookshelves, and anything that might be on top of your furniture. We’ll be moving all of the furniture for you. You should also take out all “low hanging” clothes from your closets.


Baseboards and moldings may be left in place (we’ll let you know depending on your flooring selection.)


Disconnect all electronic components and label connectors. Slater Flooring won’t be responsible for connecting or reconnecting these items.


We’ll be using an area outside your home to cut your flooring of choice, so you might want to make some space available in your garage for our crew.


For hardwood installation you should cover all cupboards and furniture.


If we’re removing an existing hard surface flooring, please understand that there will be resulting dust and debris. Slater Flooring & Design can provide a crew to help with any clean-up at an additional cost.

Post-Installation Checklist

Everything you need to know when it's time to wrap up the job.

Now that your floor has been installed, what should you expect when we’re finishing up?


Gary will typically walk through the house with you to inspect the flooring once we’re finished with the installation. At this time, you should bring any concerns up for us to review.


Any hinged doors may need some trimming to clear your new flooring surface.


Your installation might need some touch-up to walls, moldings and baseboards.


Every floor installation will have some waste…any substantial sized pieces of leftover material can be left with you for future repairs.


Our installation crew will remove and dispose of all existing flooring.

Care & Maintenance Checklist

Everything you need to know for care & Maintenance.

Now that your floor has been installed, what should you do to maintain your floors?

While your new floor will be of the highest quality, it is still subject to everyday wear. Here’s what we recommend for the care and maintenance of your new floor:

Hardwood floors

You can prevent scratches and dulling caused by dust with the use of mats or rugs at all entrances. We recommend the use of a dust mop in order to keep the floor free of dust and grit. Slater Flooring & Design will supply you with a specially-design mop and care solution for you to use. Never apply any coating on any hardwood.


Vacuum weekly with any recommended vacuum cleaner. Spills should first be blotted up with a towel…next, apply warm water and continue to blot until surface dries. Slater Flooring & Design will supply you with an excellent carpet and spot remover. Carpets must be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to maintain your stain warranties.

Tile and Stone

Ordinary sweeping and an occasional wiping with a damp sponge mop, using a small amount of a recommended cleaning solution will clean your ceramic tile beautifully. Soaps are not recommended as they leave a film that dulls the surface and promotes mildew. Steel wool pads, acid cleaner and vinegar are also not recommended due to the damage caused to grout.